Block Everything! – An AdBlock Filter List

I browse the web using the ad blocker uBlock Origin. I use the default filter lists, plus all the annoyance filter lists, plus Web Annoyances Ultralist. Even with those, there’s a couple of annoyances that aren’t blocked. Things that probably don’t bug a majority of people, but they bug me. Things like…

  • New Reddit “Top broadcast right now” videos
  • YouTube homepage “Recommended movies”, “Latest YouTube posts”, and “Breaking news”
  • LinkedIn tips cluttering up homepage and my profile page

I went ahead and wrote some filters to block these. I found the pattern any-tag-but-div:has-text(/^RegEx$/):upward(#) to work really well, even for pages with obfuscated code like New Reddit and LinkedIn.

created a GitHub so I can sync my list across all my devices. If you’re interested, you can add the list there, or help out.

Here’s the filters so far. Hope they help 🙂

!YouTube movies) YouTube posts) did you think of this video?) news)

!Old Reddit

!New Reddit^Updates from reddit$/):upward(1)^Top broadcast right now$/):upward(7)^Try Now$/):upward(4)

!LinkedIn, complete these steps to get the most out of LinkedIn):upward(4) Strength:):upward(4) Dashboard):upward(5) your profile):upward(5) recruiters you’re open to work):upward(14) Premium for free):upward(3)